Most Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions
1. Am I required to have a phone line to have Internet Service?
2. Is there an installation charge for the Internet?
If you sign a 12-month contract the installation charge is waived. However, if you do not wish to sign a contract the installation charge is $185.00.
3. What is the charge for connecting a basic phone line?
The installation fee is a $37.00 for Residential & $39.00 for Business.
4. How much does a basic phone line cost per month?
The cost is $14.00 a month, excludes taxes and surcharges.
5. What is the wait time for service after an order is placed?
Normally, service is installed 3 working days from the date the order is placed.
6. How much does it cost to transfer phone service to a new location?
There is a $28.00 transfer fee. However, if you need wiring, jacks, or the protector box connected there will be an additional charge.
7. How do I get my lines located when digging or doing construction around my house?
Call the "811" Buried Cable Location Service for Florida at least 48 hours before your dig.
8. What areas do you cover?
NEFCOM covers Baker County with the exception of Olustee.
9. How do I pay my bill?
You may pay your bill online, by phone, mail, in person or by using the depository box at our main office. You may also sign up for our Direct Debit Service, and have your monthly bill paid automatically by a draft from your checking or savings account.
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